Officers of the Victor Hugo in Guernsey Society

Officers of The Victor Hugo in Guernsey Society elected on Thursday 28th May 2015 Election of Officers & Executive Committee

The following nominees were proposed and elected:

Chairman: Gregory Stevens Cox
Secretary: Roy Bisson
Treasurer: to be executed by the Secretary
Minutes Secretary: to be carried forward for election
Membership Secretary: Colette Bearder
Communications Secretary: Ann Outram
Executive Committee Members: Victoria Kinnersly; John Duquemin; Agnès Perry; David de Garis; Lisa Burton;

Agreed that the appointment of a Festival Organising Group be discussed by the Executive Committee. In reality the Festival Organising Group became:

Gregory Stevens Cox – Chairman, French liaison and translation
Roy Bisson – Festival Director and Treasurer
Melissa Mourton – Secretary and PR
David de Garis –
Victoria Kinnersley – artisitic
Additional assistance came from: Colette Bearder – Translation Ann Outram – PR Advice Many other members volunteered and/or were asked to assist in the Festival events.

supported by

Guernsey Arts Commission Culture and Leisure