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Join the Society


The Society promotes the study and celebration of the life and works of Victor Hugo and his family during his years of exile in Guernsey.

Joining the Society will enable you to attend regular events, excursions and lectures, often free of charge or at a discount.

Membership may also involve you assisting in various projects that the Society might organise to promote its aims. You don’t have to live in Guernsey to become a member.

Membership Options


Single Membership is £10 per year, either payable annually, or you can set up an automatic subscription through Paypal.


Couples Membership, if two of you would like to attend our events and benefit from membership offers, please take out our new Couples Membership for £20 per year, either paid each year or via automatic Paypal subscription.


Inflation proof 10 year package! This new option is both beneficial for you, as your membership fees will stay the same for the next 10 years, and will help the society out with a cash boost.


Offline payment: If you prefer to pay by cheque or bank transfer, please download, fill out and send the membership form to the address provided, and pay as detailed on the form.


Membership is linked to the calendar year and thus due on 1st of January. 


Please note: Paypal payments, either one-off or on subscription basis, can be made with your credit/debit card, a Paypal account is not required, but can be used if preferred.

If you have any queries about our membership, please contact: Roy Bisson, Hon Secretary, The Victor Hugo in Guernsey Society, Le Caprice, Cobo Coast Road, Castel, Guernsey, GY5 7HE

The Society

How to sign up

  1. Fill out the Membership Details Form below and send it.
  2. Select your preferred payment option below.
  3. Click on the payment link and process your payment.

Your membership will be acknowledged by email, once payment has been received.
Subscriptions run January to December.

Choose your payment set up

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Membership Options

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